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About Minnie Fitness

The Minnie Fitness Experience

Minnie Fitness (formerly known as Forté Fitness) provides directed physical fitness and wellness training at their  locations. We focus on helping clients meet their personal goals such as weight loss, muscle toning, muscle gain, and competition preparation.

When you walk into our door you will be greeted by name. Personalized attention from every staff member will make your experience at Minnie Fitness memorable. The 60 minutes you spend with us in a personal training session or boot camp is only 4% of your day. That’s why we go above and beyond that time and give you the knowledge of what needs to be done outside our doors so your goals stay on track. From day 1 of your transformation you will receive exceptional structure and guidance for your routine that is easy to follow. There is no magic pill or secret to getting the results you aspire for. All we ask from you is that you believe in yourself, follow our plan, do the work, then the progress will happen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people attain a better and healthier lifestyle by providing coaching, training and nutritional guidance in a private setting.

Personal Training Leadership

Minnie Fitness Trainers’ passion for health and fitness extends beyond professional athletes and celebrities, to those struggling with obesity.

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Minnie Fitness Results

Are you ready? A health or body transformation fitness program is a program that’s designed to help participants make significant changes to the shape and size of their bodies as well as their overall health and energy levels. Get on the Wall of Fame!